InPut dance company was born in 2012 with four members who enthusiastically aimed to promote contemporary dance in Spain. The goal to bring the abstract concept called InPut into the field of dance was to enrich our movement by nourishing it with our environment and its impact in our bodies. That same year the company was part of the first event organized by the project SE ALQUILA with their choreography “Yo, tú, nuestro”. This event is a cultural initiative that looks forward to giving a renewed visibility to abandoned establishments through fleeting cultural events.

In 2013 one of the members of the company, Aiala Echegaray obtained a grant for choreographic creation by the Ministry of Culture of the Basque Government within the project “Dantzan Bilaka”, allowing them to premiere Piel Rota in the Theater Victoria Eugenia in Donosti, receiving good reviews by the jury.

In 2014 Aiala Echegaray takes over as director of the company and presents another choreography called Un.Y.Dos in the “II Microdance contest of Madrid”. It was finalist and obtained a residency in DT Escena Coreográfica. It led to a second long length work called Lotura and from which came out a duet, PLAY, which was premiered in FRINGE ’15 Festival in the Matadero in Madrid and won the third prize of the 29 Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid.
Currently, Echegaray continues her duties, she takes care of the artistic direction of the company.
They have been this dancers in different works: Isabela Rossi, Edoardo Ramírez, Miquel González, Andreina Insausti, Alba Fuertes, Gonzalo Peguero, Alba Vergne and Natalia Garcia Muro.

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